Support TTN Mapper and public maps

Current Funding

  • Patreon: 30%
  • Ad revenue: 5%
  • Comercial instances: 20%
  • Loss: 45%

The server hosting costs for the mapping system is a substantial amount each month. The project’s future can only be guaranteed if these hosting costs are covered.

The project’s monthly running costs were covered by The Shuttleworth Foundation up to 2018. At this point there is no financial support from any official sources.

There are two ways we are trying to fund the project:

  • Community support via donations
  • Selling white labelled private instances of the mapper


If you regularly use the mapping service, we ask that you seriously consider making a donation to support the project.

  • Direct bank payments can be made into a European bank account (IBAN). Please contact us for details. This is the preferred method as it has the lowest fees.
  • We accept recurring donations via Patreon
  • Once-off donations can be made via PayPal
  • Bitcoin (BTC): 36RvL4xZzfKvCsDgzvHvR7641aYLMrEhZQ
  • Ethereum (ETH): 0x401a057a896240C3881881d08aA0203534FC0801

Invoices can be made out to companies in case they want to sponsor the project.

Private instances

Please see Commercial Pricing.

White abstract geometric artwork from Dresden, Germany