Commercial offering offers a range of commercial offerings for private networks. Please contact us for quotes.

TTN Mapper


Mapping the coverage of gateways connected to The Things Stack Sandbox network (The Things Network)

Private network peering with TTN

from €20/month

You run a private The Things Stack network and you peer with The Things Network. Your gateways currently show up on but without a name and description.

Starting at €20 per month which includes the first 20 gateways, you will get the ability to show the name and description of your gateways. Each extra gateway after the first 20 will cost an additional €1 per month.  Quotes and commercial invoices are available.

Currently under development is the ability to show a custom logo for private networks’ gateways on When this development is done this tier will have access to the custom logo feature.

Private network operator

from €50/month

You run a private The Things Stack or ChirpStack instance and you want to have your own white labelled map of your network’s coverage.

TTN Mapper offers a SaaS solution which provides a white labelled map for private networks.

The pricing starts at €50 per month which includes 10 gateways. Thereafter the price increases at €1 per gateway per month. Quotes and commercial invoices can be provided.